How does it work?

Using SALUDER services is simple and easy.

• Download for free the App available in Google Play and App Store.

• Register your personal and contact information. You can also enter your family group data.

• Indicate what type of medical service you require, depending on whether it is a specialty (physiotherapy, pediatricians, clinicians, nurses), ambulance or other services such as: x-ray, ultrasound, clinical analysis or dental emergencies.

• Detail your symptoms, select the payment method and add the location where you are.

• Confirm the doctor, nurse or physiotherapist that appears in the list of the best geolocated options and wait for their arrival. You will have the possibility to monitor in real time their route to your location.

In the case of ultrasound, x-ray and clinical analysis services, you will have the option of coordinating with the company the schedule that suits you best.

• Finally, we will ask you to rate the service received and that’s it!